Glenfarclas 11 year old SWC Exclusive 48.4% ABV

One of only 300 bottles produced exclusively for Southport Whiskey Club. The second release of a limited edition set. This is bottle 097 of 300.

Appearance: Light amber. Coats the glass but few legs, seems to decend back to the surface as one wave.

Nose: Raspberry jam, summer berries, quite ‘new makey’ in the sharpness of the berries. Very fresh, light and zingy.

There is ethanol, not overpowering though. Some leather, burnt sugar, a little honey and a slight funkiness too.

As the glass matures, chocolate and more buttery notes appear.

Palate: Not oily, but buttery mouth feel somehow. The palate is much more autumnal, with dark fruits, chocolate butteriness and warmth. There are citrus flavours too, mostly candied oranges.

Finish: Chocolate is the leader and immediate flavour. Followed by those dark fruits, orange and berries.

Overall: What a lovely drop this is. Not the richest or most luxurious dreams by any means. But it’s a solid dram none the less. Plenty of great aromas and flavours and no real negatives for me.

If I was forced to pick something I thought was missing, it would be the oiliness. There’s nothing present that I feel shouldn’t be there though.

Lovely in front of the fire. Very nice!

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