Glenfiddich Pure Malt 70’s/80’s 40% ABV


The below notes were made during a blind tasting. Dram kindly supplied by Peter Hunt (@uk_whisky).

Appearance: White wine. Nice oily viscosity, coats the glass and quickly forms plenty of thick legs. Looks lovely!

Nose: Slight smoke, white wine sharpness, citrus, Slight smoke, white wine sharpness, citrus. I’m sensing some more unusual cask influence in this. Fermented tropical fruits, a touch of spearmint, a slight herbal note too. I’m leaning towards a rum cask for some reason.
There’s a concentrated sweetness running through it. Like a white wine reduction that’s cutting through the other notes.
It’s a lovely nose and one that is quite unique to me.

Palate: Lovely oily mouthfeel, plenty of substance. Not immediately taken by the first sip taste. Honey, milk, some black pepper heat. None of the sweetness or tropical notes from the nose yet though. Quite drying and heat on the chest.
Sip 2 reveals a touch more sweetness but I’m struggling to pick up anything definitive in terms of flavours. Lemon zest, clotted cream.
There’s heat at the back of the throat and in the chest that sneaks up on the senses, given that it’s presenting more like a mellow creamy and vanilla dram.

Finish: Medium. The finish has that touch of sharpness, lemon curd now, more mellow as it mixes with the creamy notes. Touch of mint too.

Overall: Not a huge fan, not deep or bold enough for my tastes. I’m going to wild guess 46% ABV (although it presents higher). 8yo Speyside.

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