Glenglassaugh Sandend 50.5% ABV


Named after Sandend Bay by Master Blender Rachel Barrie. Matured in a combo of bourbon, sherry, and manzanilla casks.

Appearance: Light gold/white wine. A thin micro-beaded tide mark and many short medium-thick trails. The beading increases in size with time, eventually turning into teardrops. The film appears quite sticky around the glass.

Nose: Sugary and honey-sweet. Some topical notes like melon and a little lime.
Mellow vanilla, like creamy custard along with some musty basement aromas and ‘funk’.
Some pleasant baking spice notes follow, asking with spiced orange chocolate.

Palate: Quite a thin mouthfeel and plenty of spice on arrival. Honey, vanilla, red apple and black pepper next, and a little cloying at the back of the tongue and throat.
The second sip is far more mellow with toffee apple, lemon pepper and faint grapefruit.

Finish: Medium in length. The spices, grapefruit and apple all last a little while. There’s also a little mild chilli tingle.

Overall: I quite like this one. It didn’t blow my mind but I’d happily pour a few.

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