Glengoyne 21 yo 43% ABV

Glengoyne 21

Matured predominantly in first fill European oak sherry casks for 21 years. This whisky was winner of a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018.

Appearance: Classic gold/honey. Many faint legs form on a viscous film. There is a good thick swirl mark that clings for some time and slowly seeps into more defined trails.

Nose: Quite light again on the ABV. Vanilla baking spices and dark fruits show first, reminiscent of fruit pie and custard. Also, that rainbow dust stuff you can get from sweet shops (basically coloured sherbert) or maybe sherbert double dip.
There’s some jamminess now, which is a pleasant addition, raspberry. A subtle oakiness lingers too. I think there might also be a faint pine note, an ever-so-slight mintiness.

Palate: Not as buttery as I’d like for a whisky of this maturity, it’s actually a little thin. The raspberry jam and stewed fruits, in general, are the first to hit, which is very nice.
The vanilla and rainbow sugar notes are also still there, it’s very fruit forward.
The baking spices have morphed into very gentle black pepper and cinnamon, a very light warmth in the mouth and throat.

Finish: Medium in length. The fruits linger for a short while and are then consumed by more spice.

Overall: I really like the flavours of this one but can’t help but feel let down by the ‘feel’ of it. For a 21-year-old it should feel luxurious in the mouth and this doesn’t.
I’d love to try it at CS as I think this would do the age justice and add a more spicy element to balance the fruits.

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