Glengoyne Legacy Chapter 2 48% ABV

glengoyne legacy 2

The Legacy Series Chapter 2 has been aged in a variety of barrels, including first-fill American oak bourbon and Oloroso Sherry as well as European oak Oloroso Sherry, and has been distilled slower than anyone else in Scotland.
The pale yellow colour is due to time and oak casks alone, and it has not been cold filtered.

Appearance: Sunset gold. Jagged hairline swirl mark. Lots of quick forming medium legs.

Nose: Whole nut chocolate, caramel, apples, pears and orchard fruits. Some barrel char, wet forest floor and baking spice.

Palate: A semi-viscous mouthfeel. Cooling eucalyptus, bitter lemon and grapefruit, some of the chocolate and nuts is true to the nose.
There’s an astringency on the palate that I find off-putting, it might be the bitterness levelling up?

Finish: medium in length The bitter lemon astringency, eucalyptus and a tiny bit of chocolate.

Overall: Sorry, not for me this one. I don’t like grapefruit or bitter lemon so this one was never going to work for me.

Image credit: Glengoyne

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