Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban 14 Year Old 46% ABV

Initially matured in bourbon casks before being moved over to ruby Port casks.

Appearance: Anodised copper. Lots of medium legs forming a ripple effect around the entirety of the glass. Some teardrops fall from the thick swirl mark.

Nose: Spent matchsticks, confectionary sugar, lapsang Souchong tes and dark chocolate. Dark fruits (especially plum and blackberry) and raspberry jam. There’s also a wood, bark and damp moss element to the nose, damp forest floor. The ABV is fairly subdued, making this a good entry level, friendly whisky.

Palate: Quite an oily mouthfeel. The smokey sulphur edge from the nose is evident, not as prominent, but still there on the palate. The sweet side is also still there, which is very welcome. A bitter blood orange note comes forward after a couple of sips. The sweetness starts to morph into a more astringent taste. A nice warmth in the mouth from the ABV. The palate does settle down after half a dram and I reckon a bottle would evolve and improve as consumed.

Finish: Short to medium. Quite sweet, the confectionary sugar and jammy notes return. Slight eucalyptus and black pepper.

Overall: Err, not sure if I’m honest. It’s an easy, inoffensive sipper but I’m not sure if I’d buy a bottle. I like the jam element, but not the astringent quality. It does get better the more you drink (obviously).

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