GlenRothes 11yr old 2009 59.1% ABV from Infrequent flyers. 

glenrothes 11yr old infrequent flyers

Pedro ximenez Sherry puncheon matured.


Mahogany/chestnut brown, with a medium thick swirl line that drops several thick slow legs.


Straight into a heavy heady mix of Balsa wood, wood polish, and old style glazing putty really, Dark fruits start to come through with dates, figs, and raisins. Dustiness with old leather, cigar leaves and cough syrup finish the mid palate, then cream soda sweetness comes floating through, it’s quite a nose, and at this point i can’t wait to taste it.


It’s really bold on the palate, with masses of Sherry spices, stewed dark fruits for an Xmas cake or mince pies. There is a very faint touch of sulphur, but it’s plenty acceptable here. Espresso, cigar leaves, dunnage, and earthiness all pile in, and a huge helping of Black Forest Gateaux. 


It’s all still here, still as bold as can be, very spicy, punch right till the end, definitely a @gordonsmith63  spice monster dram.

My thoughts

Well, plain and simply it’s an absolute spice/fruit bomb of a sherry cask matured whisky, as expected from Gordon, i can 100% see why he bought it, and i’m thankful that he sent me a generous sample, in my humble opinion it’s a gorgeous whisky.

A big thank you goes out to my whisky friend Gordon, who very kindly sent this sample to me, feel free to follow Gordon and us on twitter using the buttons below.

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