GLENROTHES 2007 13YR OLD, 47.5% ABV. 1628 bottles, Càrn Mòr.

glenrothes 2007 carn Mor

Appearance – I’d have to say it’s a tarnished bronze colour, it’s very viscous on the glass, and has very slow thick legs.

Nose – The first time I put my nose into the glass It was as if I’d but my nose into a bag of jelly beans with some herbs coming along behind them, then we’re firmly into darker notes, plenty of stewed dark fruits, figs, cloves, aniseed arrives with furniture Polish, cigar leaves and dark chocolate. Once the glass has dried it gives off a red wine note, quite fruity.

Palate – The palate has a good mouthfeel and initially a sweet and spicy affair, the notes that come through are quite subtle, the ginger, black pepper and cinnamon are quite light, restrained even, and the icing sugar sweetness accompanies it nicely. Slowly it develops and the darker fruits come into their own, we now have figs, cloves, black cherries, and dates, and the icing sugar persists throughout, and a delicious note of coffee Porter ale with liquorice, and bitter dark chocolate.

Finish – It’s a long side of medium finish, it’s lovely and warming, spices, coffee Porter ale and cigar leaf notes gently build, an icing sugar sweetness then follows and an oiliness is the last flourish of flavour before it slowly subsides.

My thoughts – I’ve really enjoyed this whisky, the sweet and spicy playoff is wonderful, and I have found a new flavour in it, it’s so clear, and that really excites me. The independent bottlers i have tried so far are doing a fantastic job, this bottling is no exception.

Would I buy a bottle? – I certainly would, it’s a lot of whisky for a great price, if sweet/spicy whisky is your thing I’d consider this bottle.

Notes – This bottling is natural coloured and non chill filtered.

Transparency – This sample was very kindly sent to me by @GasgoyneNick (Twitter), this has not impact on my review in any way.

Pic creditAbbey Whisky.

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