Glenrothes 22yr old, 49.7% ABV, William CADENHEAD (Blind TASTED).

This bottling was blind tasted during the Blind Tasting Consortium blind tasting #8 on 20/2/21. To look up past tastings or follow future tastings check out #BlindDrams, using Tweetdeck is the best way.

Appearance – This whisky is light gold in colour, damp straw, it’s very viscous on the glass, it beads up a little on the swirl line and has nice thick legs.

Nose – Cocktail cherries and menthol, there’s a tea note in there, round apple hard boiled sweets, apricots, and a milky coffee note too. I’m getting a whiff of perfume as it sits, it’s quite floral. (Strawberries, light white pepper)

Palate – More spicy than the nose indicated. Coffee, like coffee Porter ale, tropical fruits, chilli’s, cardamom, ginger, lovely and warming. (Red apples, a little drying).

Finish – long side of medium in length, the spice just keeps on coming, it’s much like the palate but there is high cocoa content black chocolate, and spicy ginger, and more chilli’s, I rather like this to be honest.

Additional notes from tasting a second time have been added in brackets.

My thoughts – I must admit that i rather enjoyed this whisky, its quite confectionery and sweet mixed with spice, one of my preferred whisky styles.

Would i buy a bottle? – At £79.50 a bottle i would try and find a bottle at a reduced price, this is to be honest more of a reflection of my buying thinking than the whisky.

Thanks to – The Blind Tasting Consortium (Twitter). #BlindDrams, @MaltMusings and @stewedwhisky.

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