GlenScotia 2002 17yo 51.9% ABV, Cask #493

glen scotia 2002 17yo 2020 southport whisky festival release

Southport whisky festival 2020 bottling.


A lovely deep gold with an orange burnished copper hue. It has a nice thick swirl line and slow thick legs. 


Initially I’m getting lots of varnished woodwork, and baked pineapple. It definitely noses higher that it’s actually ABV, it’s pushing fizzy up the nostrils too be honest. Cola cubes and dandelion and burdock bring a darker fruity sweetness, figs and caramel join them.

 More time and becoming foresty, evergreen boughs oily and a little earthy, and then royal icing flashes through. Eventually pine wood appears, with lychees and rose water finishing up.


The mouthfeel is nice, and the palate is lovely and rounded, and quite bold too. Lots of dark fruit spices swirl on the palate. Black Forest gateau, plenty of what I’m presuming is sherry, and it’s so nicely married. Chocolate coated raisins, unsweetened mocha, those cola cubes and dandelion and burdock come in from the nose. 

Waiting longer brings a cream soda sweetness, and mixed fruit fizzy drinks, and it stays spicy throughout. Black liquorice, Eccles cakes, cigar leaves and faint tannins finish the dram for me.

glen scotia distillery


The finish is pretty much a continuation of the bulk of the palate, and long side of medium in length for me.

My thoughts

I never need prompting to try a Glen Scotia whisky, iv’e tried a few now and have found them all to be very good quality. This bottling is no exception, it’s a lovely rounded and punchy dram, with plenty going on to keep me entertained. Yes it’s a bottle i’d love to have in my whisky cupboard, and i know it would raise a smile on pouring a drop.

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