GlenSpey, 12 Yr old, 43%Abv

Appearance – Dark Gold in colour, sticks well to the glass, medium running thick legs.

Nose – Icing sweetness, Pineapple, Fizzy in the nose, Fruit tartness, Pastry, Cherry lozenge with slight acetone.

Palate – Tropical and Stone fruits, Pineapple, Apricot, Peach, Cherry tartness, Pastry, Custard, and light wood.

Finish – Fruit cocktail syrup, and light wood notes.

My thoughts – I rather like this whisky, it has plenty of flavour. It’s a little uptight upon opening the bottle, and it definitely needs to air.

Would I buy a bottle – I personally would as I’ve enjoyed it, though others on the tasting said they wouldn’t.

Thanks to @whiskyshared and @coldorak for joining us with their tasting notes and thoughts.

Image credit – The Whisky Exchange.

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