Glentauchers 12yo 2009 62.8% ABV (Master of Malt).

glentauchers 12yo 2009 master of malt

A single malt so delicious that we got our hands on the whole cask and bottled it up! Distilled at Glentauchers in 2009, this expression spent the next 12 years maturing in a single cask, until it was independently bottled by yours truly in 2022. A release of 323 bottles, each one of them like beloved children to us, but we know they’ll be in good hands.

Master Of Malt


Very light in colour, white wine like. It has a nice thick swirl line that partly beads up. It only drops a handful of slow thick legs. 


Initially i get sweet cream soda, hay, mineral water freshness, and some earthiness too. The nose doesn’t come across as the ABV it is, it’s quite light at the moment.

That strong cough syrup is coming through, with an oil too, something like the back of a decorators van. Eventually lemon tea, wood wax, and vegetal aromas push themselves through.

glentauchers distillery


Straight off it has a nice mouthfeel, and we’re straight into a sweet/ spicy combo. Stoned and tropical fruits are all here, there’s also plenty of ex bourbon cask spiciness, with white pepper. Lemsip, apricots, guava, some peach too come through the spiciness. Vanilla pod, cinnamon, a touch of grapefruit pith drying, and green grapes close the palate.

The amazing thing about this dram is that at its ABV it’s so quaffable. it’s lovely and warming, and although you can tell it’s higher ABV it doesn’t kick you.


The finish is long side of medium for me, it’s the spices that keep it going so long. They do last a good while actually, keeping the palate super warm. It does become earthy towards the end, with milky coffee, golden syrup and faint black liquorice.

master of malt logo

My thoughts

All in all i found this to be a very nice single cask whisky. It had plenty for me to enjoy flavour wise, and the spices dance on the palate. It’s sadly sold out now, but it is a bottle i would have bought.

A very generous sample of this whisky was sent to me by my Twitter whisky friend Gordon – Tuilalcaron, you can give him, along with us, a follow on Twitter using the buttons below.

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