Glenturret 18, 55.2% ABV.

glenturret 18

SMWS 16.39, SWEETNESS AND SPICE LACED WITH MYSTERY. 2nd fill puncheon, 672 bottles.


Deep gold in colour, it’s syrupy thick on the swirl line and slowly drops thick legs and syrupy teardrops.


Fizzy up the nostrils, and initially I’m getting bananas, hazel/Brazil nuts and a faint hint of menthol, which gives it a cooling feel. There is a dustiness and old leather chairs with cherries and cream soda, icing sugar and buttered toast. With time in the glass it becomes more confectionery sweet, but I only got this with the glass covered for 5 minutes, think hard candy round apple sweets, and a lovely lemon curd note. On trying again I’d say fruit salad sweets and cereals.


Lovely mouth feel, buttery. Gently spicy, with dark chocolate, chilli’s, ginger, hazel nuts, and cinnamon. Oddly the sweetness comes second here, icing sugar and seared pineapple slices, blood orange and cranberries, a lovely playoff between them, and red grapes. I’m sure I’m getting banana on the palate too, but it’s quite faint, the spice slightly overpowers it. On going back to it I’m definitely getting redcurrants and strawberries.


Quite long, gently spicy, warming and inviting. It’s nicely married in general. Darker heavier notes creep back in here. Liquorice, anise, coffee beans, Dark chocolate orange, cherry liquor chocolates, char and a touch of drying. A flourish of salt brings the finish to a close.

My thoughts

I have to say that i found this whisky to be delightful. Words like “gentle, warming, inviting” explain how i feel about. Nothing is out of place, no odd notes show up, it’s just well married, and has that “aged” feel to it.

Would i buy a bottle?

I’d gladly have a bottle of this in my whisk(e)y cupboard, and i suspect it wouldn’t last too long either. It was very kindly gifted too me, and i’m ever so appreciative as i most likely would never have got to try it otherwise.

Thanks to – @awesomebarrett1 (Twitter).

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