Glenturret Tweet Tasting x 4


Tasting notes from the recent Glenturret Tweettasting organised and hosted by The Whisky Wire: Triple wood, 10yo peat-smoked, 12 yo and New make spirit.

The Glenturret 12 year old 46% ABV

Appearance: Definitely darker than the 10yo. This one’s a nice barrel stave brown colour. Clings to the glass but no legs, more a coating 

Nose: Immediate wood, sherry and spice on the nose. Now we’re talking fireside drams! This one’s just bursting with dark stewed fruits, pastry and other baking process niceties! Loving it so far! Kola cubes also make an appearance. I’m getting cherry cola actually. Just passed the glass under my nose again and there’s pineapple there in this one too.

Palate: Immediately warming. Leather, dark fruits (cherries) and oak. It’s like drinking the fireside leather armchair!  

Finish: The finish is lovely. Fruits and buttery chocolate. A warming and indulgent end to a lovely winter dram.

Overall: Lovely rich fruits, jam, with butter and warmth balancing. This is a really great dram! Well played @DrinkGlenturret! With a touch of water, this is such a smooth (sorry) sipper. Gorgeous! 

The Glenturret 10yo Peat Smoked 50% ABV

Appearance:  A shade darker than white wine. Again, nice and viscous 

Nose: Sweet smokiness and BBQ’d meats hit first. Aromas of caramelised steak (now I’m hungry!). There’s a definite salinityBBQ’d fish in a sweet glaze is what this makes me think of (can’t say ‘reminds’ as I’ve never tried BBQ’ing fish in a sweet glaze!). 

Palate: Slightly more astringent on the palate. Sweet smokiness still there, but not as domineering. Orange peel and a touch of phosphorus. It’s growing on me as I take a few more sips. More butter and delicate spices showing up. There’s also a fruit pie (pastry) flavour appearing that I like and balances well.

Finish: Buttery and fruity with a hint of that meaty smoke. The finish is actually the stage I like most about this expression. 

Overall: A nice sweet, smoky and meaty whisky. I prefer the Triple Wood, but definitely wouldn’t say no to this!

The Glenturret Triple Wood 434% ABV

Appearance: Triple Wood appearance: Light bronze, nice a viscous in the glass

Nose: Lot’s of oak and honey upfront. Dark fruits and confectionery sugar follow. There’s also a tinge of furniture polish. What I imagine pineapple would smell like, grilled on wood, if that makes sense. It’s that sweet tropical aroma, mixed with smouldering wood chippings. Now the glass has matured slightly, peach schnapps. It’s a unique nose for sure, refreshing!  

Palate: The palate is more mellow and buttery than I’d expected, which is not a negative! Still get the peach and that undercurrent of smouldering wood, there’s also some spice now and a touch of black pepper. Nice and buttery on the second sip, a little drying on the back of the tongue. Tobacco and those tropical fruits are hanging in there too. 

Finish: The finish is lovely on this. Mellow, fruity and buttery with a slight hint of the spice. Leaves you wanting more. 

Overall: This is a pretty Christmassy whiskey. The mix of dark fruit and buttery baking spices make it a very inviting and enjoyable dram on a cold winter night!

The Glenturret New make 63.5% ABV

Appearance: Well, clear! Quite oily

Nose: Bursting with stewed apple and berries. Really sweet and inviting. There’s some butteriness to it, thick aromas. It’s a great nose, love new make! Already lovely and complex, with a plethora of aromas! I’ve sampled a fair few new makes and this is one of the richest. Smells thick and umptious

Palate: On the palate, I get refreshing spearmint, quite floral too. There’s some chilli heat running through it. Chocolate appears with water.

Finish: The finish is sweet, full of dark fruits and berries, with a chilli chocolate and malty undertone 

Overall: A great new make, rich thick and complex. What more could you want from a spirit not even matured yet!?

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