Guest Tasting: Bains Cape Mountain Single Grain Whisky 40% ABV

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Type of whiskey: World whiskey (South African)

Whiskey age: Newly opened

Appearance: Whilst light gold in colour Bains’ single grain whiskey offers long and thin oily legs. In appearance from above It is fairly clear but from underneath it reveals a nice solid golden colour.

Nose: I received citrusy- mainly orange notes from this one. Whilst hints of toffee, chocolate and Christmas spices teasingly followed.

Palate: Hitting with a warm-oily texture Bains’ offered a oak smokey presence with hints of toffee, apple and pepper.

Finish: Smooth, smokey and delicious! Upon exit, this whisky leaves an oily sensation on the roof of the mouth and becomes milder as it passes down to the throat.

Overall thoughts: I really enjoyed this whisky with its tasty and matching notes. For me, the orange, toffee, chocolate and spices mixed very well leaving a taste sensation on the palate similar to Christmas pudding on a winter evening. I feel it is worth the cost and would purchase again.

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