GUEST TASTING NOTES: Loch Lomond Single Malt The Open 151st Royal Liverpool Rioja Finish

loch lomond 151st open

The following notes have kindly been uploaded by @WhiskyWIngs. You can follow him on Twitter, using the button at the bottom of this post.

Type of whisk(e)y – Whisky (Scotch).

How long has the whisk[e]y bottle been open? – Newly opened.

Introduction to the whisk[e]y (casks used, distillery, is it a special release etc) – Part of the open special series. Michael Henry and Colin Montgomery. Straight neck and swan stills. Bourbon cask and a Rioja finish (not sure for how long).

Appearance – Deep orange with a pink hue.

Nose – Stewed Apple sauce, raspberry ripple ice-cream, mint, menthol, plum.

Palate – Oak spice, IPA, lemon zest, toffee apple, black grape soda, custard, cigar smoke.

Finish – Smoke increases in the finish but is still mild, strawberry and raspberry notes.

Overall thoughts – A lot going on and I think it’s at the perfect ABV at 46%
Would definitely buy again £50.

Pic credit – Loch Lomond.

Many thanks to @WhiskyWings (Twitter), for submitting his tasting notes.

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