Guest tasting notes: Compass Box Hedonism, 43% ABV.

The following notes have kindly been uploaded by Nicky Manton, @Mrs_NDD. You can follow her on Twitter, using the button at the bottom of the post!
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Type of whisk(e): Whisky (Scotch).

How long has the bottle been open?: Under 3 months.

Appearance: Natural colour and non-chill filtered. The colour of warm honey and golden sunsets.

Nose: Cereal grain and vanilla – like a vanilla sponge cake. There’s a creamy, fresh note but don’t put your nose too far in as you may experience the hit of spirit.

Palate: The palate: the mouthfeel is cold but incredibly silky. The flavours take a moment to reveal themselves, then the unmistakeable drying feel of oak barrels (as advertised) – warming and prominent. Then…(sighs)…I get the beautiful flavours of caramel and toffee with a spicy edge. I understand the meaning of ‘full bodied’. There’s so much to explore here. Simply divine.

Finish: Drying and long with a subtle spicy tingle. The oak cask lingers right until the end.

Thoughts: Hedonism had me at the name… “devotion to pleasure as a way of life” and I do have a penchant for all things @compassboxwhiskyco. Having said that, I have tasted many, many of their delights and this one is still in my top 3. Maybe I am seduced by the idea of a sexy, but strong, independent feminine character or maybe it’s just that this one always hits the spot for me? As a woman, who loves everything about being a woman, this whisky calls to me. The name seduces me and the flavours satisfy, every time. Is it not our goal to enjoy life to the fullest? And do you not want to participate in the art of pleasure? I don’t know about you but I am definitely up for that!

Many thanks to Nicky @Mrs_NDD for submitting her tasting notes. A link to the New Dram Drinker website is here.

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