Gulliver’s 47, 47% ABV

gullivers 47

Single Malt English Whisky

Distilled at The Cotswolds Distillery in the heart of England exclusively for Gulliver’s. An unpeated whisky, matured in shaved, toasted and re-charred American oak ex-red wine casks.

Gulliver’s 47 whisky


This is a deep amber colour, it beads up on the swirl line, has a nice syrupy swirl line and has medium thick legs and teardrops.


Straight away there’s icing sugar sweetness, then there’s menthol, and a slightly herbaceous/ juniper note. I’m definitely finding similar notes to a Mackmyra whisky i’ve tried in the past. That’s good ABV on the nose, with cherries and a hint of perfume. Cigar leaves, dunnage, earthiness, linseed oil and a faint cooked meat note slowly develop.


Very nice mouthfeel, quite syrupy, and it’s very much about warming spiciness. Ginger that’s spicy and sweet at the same time kick off the palate. Cinnamon and cardamom, with honey, brown sugar, and golden treacle are so inviting, it’s almost rum like to be honest. With time, leading towards the finish it becomes darker and more spicy. We now have black liquorice, not cinnamon, high coca content dark chocolate, cranberries, but it’s still restrained.


Dark chocolate orange, a little drying, cranberries, red liquorice, and touch of char. Again the finish is quite restrained, nothing screams at you, it’s nice and gentle.

My thoughts

English whisky distilleries are known for having rather different aroma and flavour profiles, and this threw me right off track. Initially i really did think it was from outside the UK, and i’d like to know if the recipe was tweaked for Gulliver’s. All this said i really do like this whisky, it develops so well and is full of aromas and flavours, and it’s quite gentle in my opinion, i’d happily sit with this on a regular basis.

Would i buy a bottle

I’d definitely buy a bottle, it’d keep me nice and warm on a cool Spring, Autumn or winter evening, especially by a nice fire.

Notes – This bottling is presented in it’s natural colour and non chill filtered.

This whisky was blind tasted with Ant and Nicky from the New Dram Drinker Youtube channel.

Thanks to – @newdramdrinker and @Mrs_NDD (both twitter).

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