Heaven Hill 8yr old 2009, 63% ABV, (Copper Monument.)

Single cask, number #152708


This Bourbon is mid gold in colour, it beads up on the swirl line, and drops middle thick legs. Small teardrops sit just below the swirl line too.


Fizz up the nostrils announces the ABV, and it’s a little uptight, could be because of the strength. Foam bananas, menthol, and a dustiness initially. Sitting further back is toasted bread, linseed oil, and dunnage. With more time in the glass it offers a tea note, brown sugar, and cherry crumble.


Suprisingly palatable for 63% ABV to be honest, it’s more warming than burning. Initially it gives me a lot of sweetness, but it’s brief. We’re then moving into vanilla custard, now hot cinnamon is coming, and the spiciness gets ratcheted up. It develops nicely imho, as we now have lots of fruits, definitely tropical fruits, and I’d go as far as saying sweet red berries. I’m going add a drop of water now. With a few drops of water the fruit is more accessible, and green apple skins are here, with pears.


Medium in length, Apple strudel with custard all day for me, and a super sweet icing sugar note. Eventually we come around to black coffee, chilli’s, and pontefract cakes. It slowly dissipates, but is sweet again right before it goes for good.

My thoughts

Sometimes i can find Bourbons a little difficult to get into aroma and flavour wise. Some, like other whisky styles, can be a little “generic”, and just don’t want to offer much, no such problem here thankfully. At 63% ABV the aromas and flavours are very accessible, adding a few drops of water didn’t change it very much, it is a good drop as it comes from the bottle in all honesty. This bottle has plenty to offer, i found it very enjoyable, and i can certainly see why it was chosen to be independently bottled.

Would i buy a bottle?

Yes i would, i thoroughly enjoyed it, and it’s not a bank account breaker either, a win/win in my book. As the first indie bottled Bourbon i have tried i shall look for more now, it has piqued my interest into something new, it keeps whisk(e)y fresh and enjoyable in general for me.

Notes – This bottling is natural colour, non chill filtered and cask strength.

Thanks to – @TomsDram

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