Henstone Single Malt Whisky 43.8% ABV

henstone single malt whisky

This single malt whisky, which is beautifully smooth, is mashed, distilled, aged and bottled by us here at Henstone Distillery. This expression has been matured in ex-bourbon casks and has not been chill filtered or coloured.

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This Henstone Single Malt was the November 2021 release from the Whisky Pioneer subscription service

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Slightly damp straw in colour, with a thick swirl line, and slow beading syrupy legs.


This Single malt whisky initially comes across with gentle aromas, sugar-coated lemon-shaped jelly fruit sweets come to mind and apricot pastries. I am slowly getting red berries, and it has a sherbet-like feel to it.

With more time I’m getting green grapes, and it’s starting to gain some spice, and there’s a lovely mixture of oak and floral/perfume.


Now the palate is spicier than I expected, it’s been in good Jack Daniels casks I’d say. Lemon bon bons, and quite a fresh feeling, the mouthfeel is decent too, not syrupy but not watery either. Apricots are coming through, with icing sugar, spicy cinnamon, and a touch of anise.

With more time in the glass, it starts to develop more spiciness and leaning into a very light bitterness. The lemon is becoming stronger, and it’s heading towards liquorice, latte, milky coffee, and white pepper.


I’d say the long side of medium in length, and it does linger for a while, and it’s spicy warming. A touch of pomelo brings a light bitterness, cereals in the form of flapjack or cheesecake base, actually, lemon cheesecake would describe much about the whisky in general. Before it fades there is a touch of grapefruit and bitter lemon.

My thoughts

In general, my go-to favourite cask is EX-bourbon, they very rarely let off-notes come through with the spirit. This time it’s ex-Jack Daniel’s casks with the extra charcoal filtration, and they’re good clean casks. The expected spiciness is here, it’s lovely and warming, and I have to say this whisky has a freshness and clarity about it that I’ve enjoyed. It’s a bottle I’d happily have in my cupboard, a good sipper for when you want something easy-going and decent quality.

Notes – This Single Malt whiskey is non-chill filtered and presented in its natural colour.

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