High Voltage from Smokehead, 58% ABV.

smokehead high voltage

Appearance – It’s mid Gold in colour, and beads up on the glass, and has slow running thick legs.

Nose – Strong ABV on the nose, and it’s all darker notes here, black cherries, star anise, liquorice, black pepper, dusty and musty old room, sultanas, and old leather, this nose certainly creates a picture in the mind.

Palate – Gentle fruity ash starts us off, the ABV comes across lower here, its very easy going tbh, definitely pineapple again, wet rocks, red berries, raspberry, apricots, white pepper, and a little malty, it’s much cleaner on the palate than on the nose.

Finish – Its quite long tbh, it’s rich, with oak, cherry lozenges, and shoe polish, some slight tannins, and just a little drying in the back of the throat, though overall it’s rather nice.

My thoughts – I did rather enjoy this whisky, and the palate is more settled for the ABV. The nose paints a picture, but the palate paints another, quite interesting tbh.

Would I buy a bottle? – It’s interesting and flavourful enough that I’d buy a bottle, though it’s not a complicated whisky imho.

Picture credit – Masters of Malt.

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