High West A Midwinter Nights Dram Act 8 Scene 3 46% ABV

MidwinterNightsDramAct copy

A Midwinter Nights Dram act 8 scene 3 49.3%. A blend of straight rye whiskeys that have been finished in French oak Port barrels. This is their Rendezvous Rye which is the 95/5 (rye/malted barley) straight rye whiskey from MGP as well as an 80/20 (rye/malted rye) straight rye whiskey makeup from High West Distillery.

Appearance: Vibrant auburn. A substantial swirl mark with many thick legs and a thick film around the glass. The most visibly viscous of the 3 drams tonight

Nose: Deep and rich blackberry jam, sweet spice and vanilla. Digestive biscuit wheat and icing sugar too. Lovely nose. Caramelised meat, vegetal notes and reduced port sauce.

Palate: Wow! Thick blackberry jam, gentle black pepper and chilli tingle that grows in the background. Bitter dark chocolate, golden syrup. Cream and tinned cherries, oak and vanilla ice cream.

Finish: Medium to long. Cherries, berries and chocolate last longest, there’s also the spice hum.

Overall: Awesome whiskey. The berry jam sweetness is delicious.

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