Highland park 12 40% ABV.

highland park 12
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We have a mid gold coloured dram here, and it has a good thick swirl line and slow thick legs.


There’s quite a lot of fruit mixed with cooked bacon, apricots, pineapple, with gentle smoke and spicy brown sauce, it’s not ashy as I recall from tasting previously, though that was some time ago now to be honest.

More time brings more sweetness for me, peaches, icing sugar, cereals and grains.


The mouthfeel is ok, not thick but also not too watery, and there’s quite a bit going on. Straight away I’m finding more sweet/spiciness rather than peat. The peat is here, but it’s not a one dimensional offering. We have cinnamon and ginger bringing some lovely warming spices, icing sugar brings a little sweetness, then the tropical/stoned fruits bring further sweetness, and some light bitterness with blood oranges.

There are definitely flavours from a barbecue, but it feels like it’s a way off in the distance, and I’m just getting a teasing glimpse.

With more time the palate does start to warm up, leaning towards chest warming I’d say. The sides of my tongue are becoming quite warm, and yet I get a cool feel to the overall dram.


I’m getting quite a short finish and its much a continuation of the palate to be honest, it doesn’t develop any further though.

My thoughts

When i put my hand blindly into my sample drawer and retrieved this offering i was happy to revisit a dram i hadn’t tasted in some time. I was however a little nervous as to what i’d find in it now my palate has evolved with experience.

Well initially i found the nose to be quite nice, quite expressive, fruity and smokey, with that cooked bacon thing going on. This isn’t a face slapper by any means, and at 40% ABV i didn’t expect it to be, but it was decent enough.

Staying as neutral as possible, i have to say the palate does offer some decent sweet/spicy/light peat flavours. I seem to recall it being an ashy dram, but i’m not getting ash at all now, which i’m quite pleased about. As a 40% ABV entry level whisky i think it does a decent job, and i can see why others started their whisky trail here, and still hold it to some level of esteem.

image credit goes to Wine searcher, who can be found here


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