Highland Park, Viking tribe, 46% Abv

Appearance – Light Gold in colour, slow running thick legs.

Nose – Sherry notes, though no sherry bomb, Raisins, Sultanas, Clove, Cinnamon, Very smokey, Spirit led, Some salinity.

Palate – Sweet liquorice, Seaweed, Cherry, Strong smoke, Orange, Cranberry, Icing sugar, Clove, Stewed dark fruits.

Finish – Sweet smoke, Fruit sweetness continues, Medium length, with Black pepper and Chilli.

My thoughts – This is a young entry level whisky, that is usually £42 ish to purchase, I’ve seen it on Amazon (it’s an Amazon exclusive bottling) for £30. It has lots of flavours, but it’s a little Spirit driven being a young one.

Would I buy a bottle? – I would buy a bottle at the £30 price mark, there are better whiskies available for £42 In my opinion.

Thanks to @whiskyshared and @coldorak for joining us and sharing their tasting notes and thoughts.

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