Hinch Rye Export Stout Finish, 43% ABV.

hinch rye stout

Our Rye Export Stout Finish uses casks which aged craft beers at the Kinnegar Brewery located in beautiful Co. Donegal and renowned for producing fabulous Rye craft beers. This whiskey is superbly enhanced with aromas of dark treacle, caramel & vanilla. On the palate dark cocoa, heavily roasted coffee & chewy toffee flavours shine through. Our whiskey was aged in the craft beer casks for a minimum of 12 months. A modern and bold move for the whiskey lovers proudly made in County Down.

Hinch Distiller

This Whiskey was tasted as part of a Tweet Tasting on the 12th of May 2021



We have White wine/straw colour with this blended whiskey, the swirl line is quite thick, and it has medium thick legs.


The first aroma, that comes very quickly is lemon meringue pie, sooo sweet and mouthwatering. Cut grass is up next, followed by linseed oil, old style glazing putty, a touch of eucalyptus, and some dustiness.

With more time in the glass i’m getting coffee, seared pineapple rings, and brown sugar, i’m liking the nose on this to be honest. Perfume and meadow flowers are the last of the aromas iv’e got.


There’s a lovely sweet/spicy combo going on here, they play off each other so well. Lovely and sweet pineapple, cubes, and warm ginger, cinnamon, with a kick of cardamom. Icing sugar also comes through helping the sweet/spice combo balance perfectly.

As this dram develops, and towards the end of the palate, dark chocolate, cranberries, and a touch of chilli bring some darker spicy notes, and the last flavour i get is faint banana.


This is long side of medium in length for me, with the super warming, sweet and spicy combo continuing. Oak, coffee, cinnamon, and dates are the main flavours on the finish, and I’m thinking blackcurrant too.

My thoughts

Well i’m a sucker for stout cask finished whiskeys to be honest, and many seem to come from Ireland. This bottling is another very enjoyable stout cask whiskey that brings slightly darker notes than usual because of the Rye, and iv’e thoroughly enjoyed it.

Would i buy a bottle

Yes without a doubt, it’s another that i’d very happily sit with and sip. It’s an easy access whiskey, there’s plenty going on and you don’t need to think about the flavors and aromas, they willingly throw themselves at you, nice.

Thanks to – @hinchdistillery, @TheWhiskyWire, @TweetTastings, @WhiskeyPundit, and @MaltMusings – all Twitter.

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