House Malt-100% proof, 57.1% ABV.

house malt

Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey – 1st fill American Oak Oloroso sherry butt #900177 – 2011 Vintage – Distilled March 2011/ Bottled March 2021 by The Whisky Cellar, Independent bottlers.

Tasted as party of the @TweetTastings for @whisky_cellar on twitter on 31/3/2021.


This whisky is deep gold leaning towards burnished copper in colour, it beads up on the swirl line and slowly drops medium thick legs.


Initially it’s fizzy up the nose from strength, then furniture polish, cocktail cherries, cream soda, and cereal/cheesecake base bring in the first aromas. Toasted bread, hazel nuts Dates, seared pineapple slices, and a whiff of menthol.


It’s lovely and spicy, with stewed dark fruits, cloves, figs and dates. Hot cinnamon, cardamom, hot ginger, honey, liquorice bring on the spice, a touch of salt on the tip of the tongue. An earthiness joins in with wood varnish. Slowly dark chocolate, figs, black coffee, cask char and chilli’s develop and continue the spice right up to the finish.


The finish is long and a continuation of the palate, it becomes a little more spicy before it disappears.

My thoughts

This is a blend of Single malt whiskies, the vast majority is from lowland Scottish distilleries, and has had the ABV reduced to 57.1% ABV, the old 100% proof strength, and in my humble opinion is a cracking drop of whisky, and well worth the £50 price tag.

Would i buy a bottle?

Yes i would, i thoroughly enjoyed it to be honest. Everything in it is at least 10 years old, and all Single malts, “what’s not to like” is my opinion.

Image credit – @TheWhiskyWire.

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