Hyde No.12 Pot Still Cask 46% ABV


Hyde’s inaugural pot still. This Single Pot Still is triple distilled from a mash bill of malted barley, un-malted barley, and Irish oats. It is then matured for at least 5 years in 200 litres, alligator flame charred, ex-Bourbon, white oak casks, sourced from a Bourbon distillery in Kentucky, U.S.A. before being finished in Oloroso sherry casks from Southern Spain.

Appearance: Old gold. A thin tide mark beads after a short time. Many medium trails form a corrugated semi-viscous film around the inside of the glass.

Nose: Honey nut cornflakes, red apple skin, honey, red berries and baking spices. The alcohol is well-balanced and allows the aromas to present themselves without being overpowered at all. Malt biscuits and strawberry jam emerge after some time, a little ‘Jammie Dodger’esque’.

Palate: A pleasant mouthfeel, not overtly oily, but not watery either. There is a slightly diluted sense to the first sip, a little muted and a touch cloying. The second sip onwards reveals a slightly spicier side with black pepper, lemon pepper, aniseed and cinnamon. The sweeter notes arrive after a few more sips with honey, malt and a touch of the red berry note from the nose. There’s a slight bitterness and almost ‘hairspray’ astringency lingering in the background (does anyone remember ‘Stop n Grow’?

Finish: Medium in length. The bitter and astringent note lingers, along with more muted honey and black pepper spice.

Overall: Not for me I’m afraid. The nose was promising but I didn’t get on with the palate or finish due to that astringency.

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