Interactive Whiskey Maps of UK & Ireland

Whisky maps

We have created what we believe to be the most comprehensive whisky maps of UK & Ireland available online.

Select which map you would like to explore below.

Tip: All maps are best viewed full screen and on a desktop if possible, due to the density of some markers.

If you have a suggested addition to any of the maps, please do let us know!

Interactive UK & Ireland Whiskey Distillery Map

Find whiskey distilleries near you and the best whisky distilleries to visit. The map shows every whisky distillery in the UK and Ireland that can be visited by both whisky specialists and novices.

Interactive UK & Ireland Whiskey Shows & Festivals 2022

There are plenty of whisky shows and festivals taking place throughout the year and in various locations. All the best whisky festivals and shows to attend during 2022 are mapped below.

Interactive UK & Ireland Whiskey Shops Map

Our Interactive UK & Ireland Whiskey Shops Map. Here you’ll find whiskey shops near you and the best whiskey shops to visit to find that bottle you’re looking for.

Interactive UK & Ireland Whiskey Bars Map

Our ever-evolving Interactive UK & Ireland Whisk[e]y Bars Map. Find whisky bars near you and the best whisky bars to visit.