Interactive Whiskey Maps of UK & Ireland

Whisky maps

Below are, what we believe to be, the most comprehensive interactive whisky maps of UK & Ireland available online. Use them to help you find the best distilleries, shops, and bars to satisfy your thirst. These maps are great for planning a fun whiskey-themed road trip or for discovering new places in your local area.
Whether you’re looking to explore the birthplace of your favourite whiskey brand, sample rare and unique blends, or just enjoy a cosy night out with friends at a whiskey bar, these maps have got you covered. With so many great options out there, you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes and budget.

Simply select which map you would like to explore below!
Tip: All maps are best viewed full screen and on a desktop if possible, due to the density of some markers.

Interactive UK & Ireland Whiskey Distillery Map

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Interactive UK & Ireland Whiskey Shops Map

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Interactive UK & Ireland Whiskey Bars Map

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If you have a suggested addition to any of the maps, please do let us know!