James Eadie 2010 small batch Ardmore 9yr old, casks #5/1, 6/2, 8/1, 46% ABV, (blind tasted).

james eadie ardmore 9 yr old

Appearance – Damp straw in colour, very viscous, thick slow legs.

Nose – Initially out of the sample bottle, quite peaty, in a Tuath glass, not so peaty, quite light, candied lemon slices, hay, icing sugar, royal icing, syrup from canned pears, very very light. From the sample bottle, more peat, Biscuity, flapjack, oats, sweet lemon.

Palate – The palate is sooooo much better, stoned fruits, pineapple slices, fruit cocktail syrup, light smoke, red berries, it failed on the nose for me, the palate is a success.

Finish – Medium in length, quite fruity like the palate, and a gently smoke. It’s not a complex dram by any means, I’d probably let this one pass by tbh.

My thoughts – I like a drop of independently bottled Ardmore, and found this bottling a little underwhelming to be honest, I agree with others that it perhaps should have been bottled at a higher strength.

Would I buy a bottle? – Sadly on this occasion no. Though the palate is far better than the nose, I have tried better independently bottled Ardmore’s.

Notes – I believe this bottle is non chill filtered and of natural colour.

Thanks to – The Blind Tasting consortium and @TheWhiskyNovice (Twitter).

Picture credit – Master of Malt.

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