Jameson Black Barrel cask strength 60% ABV.

black barrel cs

Appearance – I’m going to say this whiskey is light Amber in colour, it beads up on the swirl line, and drops syrupy thick legs followed by tiny beads that cling just below the swirl line.

Nose – The first thing I notice is the the 60% ABV doesn’t slap me across the face, it’s quite gentle. Then aromas come along, I’m thinking tropical fruits and young green apples that are immaturely zesty, some vanilla along with cereal and oats, a dustiness comes along too, a first for me in an Irish whiskey I believe, bbq meats are here, furniture Polish also, and sweet liquorice.

Palate – Ooosh, on the palate it’s a whole different taosćan of whiskey, we’ve got really dark and heavy notes, black pepper, ginger, chilli’s, wood varnish, lots of oak, black liquorice, bitter dark chocolate, cigar leaves, dunnage, cloves, black currants, jeez this is going for it. There’s also cinnamon, linseed oil, some tannins, black cherries, nutmeg and cardamom, and a slightly bitter lemon note, this is a seriously good drop.

Finish – It’s long and warming, the spiciness continues on from the palate, the bitterness is wonderful, not overpowering, just right, and there’s old leather and dustiness again.

My thoughts – I’ve waited quite some time to try this Cask Strength version of the Black Barrel, it has taken me very much in a direction I wasn’t expecting to be honest, I expected sweetness and oak char, I got so much more. The difference between the standard bottle (which I’ve had 2 of) and this CS version is amazing, my eldest Son thought so too, so much more spice than either of us expected.

Would I buy a bottle? – what do you reckon, would i or wouldn’t I? Daft really it’s a very adamant yes, it’s far better than i expected.

Thanks to – @dramofthemonth (Twitter).

Picture CreditDickMacksPub.com

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