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The Hanson Batch 2 46% ABV

Appearance: Diluted apple juice, very light in colour. Quite viscous coats the glass well when swirled

Nose: On the nose, I initially get cereal, citrus and barley. A touch of phosphorous, very gentle. Lemoncello’esque. A nice sweetness, bubblegum, sugary, rather than honey for me. Sugarpuffs was pointed out by @TheWhiskyNovice. There’s a barn smell, with hay/straw dust hanging in the air, earthy and rural.

Palate: Lovely buttery mouthfeel, lemon still there, as is the sugar. More herbal now, that hint of earth and a hay barn has developed further on the palate into grass and a slight bitterness. Slightly drying at the back of the tongue. As the glass matures, there’s slightly more sweetness, but will a heat kicker. Chilli, more than pepper. Fruit salad sweets…..

Finish: There’s a touch of metallic/copper too, towards/into the finish. A little heat and tingling on the lips/tongue

Overall: A great whiskey to start a tasting. Plenty going on here and well balanced between fruit, sugar and slight chilli heat. More than enough to keep you coming back for more sips. If I had to pick a fault, it’s the metallic tinge, but it wouldn’t put me off! Very nice.

The Banner County Blend Batch 3 46% ABV

Appearance: Again, very light in colour and a little viscosity.

Nose: Salty, sweet, menthol and herbs – it’s all in this one! Very cool and complex. I prefer the nose on this to the Hanson (which was good too!). This one maintains it’s nose and the sugared fruits aromas are lovely!

Palate: Oh, that’s a nice whiskey. Traditional lemonade, a slight drying and caster sugar. A very friendly palate indeed! Fruit (still trying to pinpoint which) and cream. Just a very nice sipping whiskey, really nice! Swiss Roll springs to mind!

Finish: Lovely and sweet. A dusting of black pepper.

Overall: A very nice whiskey indeed, friendly and unintimidating. Great example.

The Gael Batch 3 46% ABV

Appearance: Another very light in colour whiskey. Some legs when swirled

Nose: Very floral, perfumed. Rubber/balloon and zesty. Very ‘alive’! Stewed summer fruits and crumble with brown sugar sprinkled on top. Now that the glass has matured I’m getting apple pie and custard. Quite malty a little like Ovaltine. Comforting.

Palate: Hot chocolate, confectionary sugar and buttery pastry. Lovely. Dangerously easy to drink. This would be a great intro whiskey. Just got those watermelon ice lollies you get in Spain, with the chocolate pips!

Finish: Sugar and chocolate. A lovely finish that leaves you wanting more, immediately.

Overall: It’s a lovely sweet baking filled palate and sweet friendly finish. Great whiskey, really great.

The Flintlock Batch 3 46% ABV

Appearance: Darker than the first 3, but still light, white wine in colour. Noice and clingy!

Nose: There’s sweetness, barley, oakiness and a little salinity here. It’s a lovely nose. There are some lemon zest and burnt sugar notes there too. As the glass develops there’s an abundance of fruits. Another very friendly and typically Irish dram, just very nice!

Palate: An abundance of fruits. Another very friendly and typically Irish dram, just very nice! Butter and baking goods swirl around the palate, a very homely and comforting dram indeed.

Finish: Sweet and fruity. Nothing to fault really, just very nice indeed.

Overall: Typical JJ Corry whiskey. Expertly done and very very drinkable!

There’s a handful of whiskies that I would give to a whiskey newbie or someone who ‘doesn’t like whiskey’ but has never really explored. JJ Corry definitely makes that list. Wonderfully approachable and a great intro whiskey brand.

As always, a huge thanks to Steve at The Whisky Wire for organising and hosting yet another great Tweet Tasting and to JJCorry for there generous samples!

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