Jura 14yo American Rye Cask 40% ABV

jura 14yo american rye cask
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Jura 14 Year Old American Rye Cask is a celebration of Jura’s bright community spirit; a close-knit group of around 212 individuals, whether you are coming from near or far, you can always rely on a warm welcome from this tiny island community. Every time you pour a glass, you’re raising a dram with the islanders who have a hand in making it and with every rye-spiced sip you will taste Jura’s bright and characterful spirit. A gift from our tiny island community to you.

Matured in American white oak ex bourbon and hand selected American Rye barrels, the casks deliver depth and complexity to our 14-year-old single malt with layered spice, aromatic, herbal and floral qualities.

Jura Whisky


This is a lovely golden colour, with a nice thick swirl line and very slow thick legs. #JuraWhisky


A mixture of damp leaf litter, balsa wood and evergreen boughs. Apricot crowns, toasted tea cakes, wood varnish, perhaps a hint of bitter lemon too. #JuraWhisky

More time and there’s milky coffee, mineral water, and leaning towards cigar leaves. #JuraWhisky


For 40% ABV it has a decent mouthfeel, and it slowly creeps along the palate. Definitely getting the damp leaf litter and cigar leaves from the nose. Nutty, hazelnuts, pontefract cakes, star anise, cough candy and black pepper. #JuraWhisky

It is becoming nice and spicy, cranberries, cumin, black liquorice, peppercorns, tannins? #JuraWhisky


Medium in length in general, though the baking/5 spices do linger longer, and it is rather pleasant tbh, i like it. #JuraWhisky

My thoughts

I love that Jura are experimenting with a wider range of casks these days. I enjoyed their older bottlings for many years, and that they are changing it up is wonderful in my humble opinion. This offering may be at 40% ABV but it offers a good mouthfeel and a lovely range of aromas and flavours, and at £40 i think it’s priced rather well, i’d certainly have a bottle in my whisky cupboard.

A big thank you goes out to Jura Whisky and Steve/The Whisky Wire for the opportunity to take part in the tasting that this whisky was a part of, and for the use of his whisky images, they can be followed on Twitter using the buttons below.

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