Jura 30Yr old 46.4% ABV

jura 30

American Oak Hogshead #9005601 – Distilled October 1990/ Bottled February 2021by The Whisky Cellar Independent bottlers.

Tasted as party of the @TweetTastings for @whisky_cellar on twitter on 31/3/2021.


This whisky is between mid and dark gold in colour, it’s super syrupy on the swirl line and eventually drops very slow thick legs.


A bag of jelly beans mixed with wood oil/linseed oil first off. A touch of menthol, some toasted bread, cereals/grains, and cherry crumble follow along. Some old style cough syrup also join them, it is fruity, clean and fresh for me, even after 30 years.


Slightly meaty, which could mean light peat. we’re off into fruit cocktail syrup and jelly beans again. Ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, oak, chilli and orange oil, develop nicely. Right at the end is a sweet/bitter flourish, the nearest i could think was sherbet Dib Dab sweets in the packet.


A gentle whiff of cigar smoke and some dunnage. It’s quite a long finish, a fruity/spice fusion with lemonade. then we’re into very dark chocolate, coffee grinds and char.

My thoughts

Anyone who knows my whisky taste will know that i am a fan of the old Jura bottles. Of the new Jura range i have only tried the Seven wood, which i rather like to be honest. This is the 2nd independently bottled Jura i have tasted in a week, and i enjoyed them both very much. At 30 years old this bottling is quite mellow, and still retains much character. It’s warming, gentle and approachable, and shows what Jura of old can be.

Would i buy a bottle?

If i had the funds available i would buy a bottle. As a fan of Jura this is a bit of an eye opener, and i’d say that indie Jura’s seem to be the way to go to get the best from this distillery.

Thanks to – @whisky_cellar, @TweetTastings, @TheWhiskyWire and @WhiskyWings (all Twitter and can be followed below).

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