Jura 8yo Distillery Excusive 58.2% ABV

jura 8yo distillery exclusive
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American White oak ex bourbon barrels.


White wine in colour, and a swirl line that starts to thicken up but beads up instead and drops slow thin legs. #JuraWhisky


Lots of what i expect from Jura spirit, a lovely dose of wood, brazil nuts, cocoa powder, coffee beans, dark chocolate, and raisins. There are floral notes here, and the hot mash potato thing i get sometimes. #JuraWhisky

Wood treatment varnish, and a little botanical too, that iv’e not had with the others. #JuraWhisky


Mouthfeel is decent, and this is different from Jura on the palate. It seems sweeter, lighter. Green apple rind, greengage, white pepper, and becoming spicier, this isn’t what i expected tbh, but i love the change up. #JuraWhisky

The mouthfeel thickens up more over time, and i’m enjoying this because it shows the versatility of the spirit. There is some chilli spice coming through with more time, and it is quite zesty and fresh, even a touch of menthol comes through. #JuraWhisky


Long side of medium, plenty of sweetness hanging around, like those lemon shaped sugar coated jelly sweets, guava and green grapes. Then it starts to become darker and heavier, with cloves and milky chocolate, a really nice surprise. #JuraWhisky

My thoughts

Well, a high ABV Jura distillery exclusive, what do i think? Knowing the whisky jura are known for this is a 90 degree turn to the left, something quite different, rather refreshing and very much enjoyed too. Lighter, sweeter and with spicier notes coming through over time many on the tasting enjoyed it, as did i, though i think a few were baffled also, it’s just so different to what was expected. This bottle is a distillery only exclusive, and comes in at £75, yes please Jura, any day for that price, get in my whisky cupboard!

A big thank you goes out to Jura Whisky and Steve/The Whisky Wire for the opportunity to take part in the tasting that this whisky was a part of, and for the use of his whisky images, they can be followed on Twitter using the buttons below.

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