Jura Seven Wood 42% ABV


Isle of Jura Seven Wood is made with whisky drawn from seven different types of cask. There’s American white oak, and six other French oaks, Limousin, Tronçais, Allier, Vosges, Jupilles, and Les Bertranges.

Appearance: Jura Seven wood: Nice deep rich amber, clings to the glass well, nice and oily! The first impression on the nose is brown sugar sweet shop candy and, of course, oaky notes. Good start for sure!

Nose: A nice absence of ethanol allows the immediate experience of the lovely sweet and woody aromas.
There are tropical and, maybe, citrus notes as the whiskey evolves in the glass. Definitely, a freshness appearing now.
A plethora of fruits, from red berries to melon run through this, covered in caramel. Nice and rich!
Maybe Bazooka bubblegum?

Palate: Lovely buttery mouthfeel, and butter on the palate too. Touch of menthol on the palate too (didn’t pick that up on the nose).
Quite the ‘christmassy’ dram this. Moist fruit cake, cream, copper and herbs. Plenty of sweetness, buttery, Christmas spices and herbs. Lots going on!

Finish: The finish is quite short and gentle. Plenty of sweetness with black pepper (that old strawberry/pepper analogy). Left with the butter and cream.

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