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jura tweet tasting
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This is the summary of my tasting notes and thoughts from the Jura Tweet tasting on 25/8/21.

During this tasting we samples;

  • Jura 10yr old – 40% ABV.
  • Jura Seven wood – 42% ABV.
  • Jura Rum cask finish – 40% ABV.
  • Jura Red wine cask finish – 40% ABV.

Jura 10yr 40% ABV

jura 10

A whisky only Jura could make, born of our island and still produced today in a bottle originally shaped to withstand the roughest of journeys from our home. Crafted in exceptionally tall stills and matured for 10 years in America White Oak ex bourbon barrels.

The finishing touch is a finish in the finest aged Oloroso Sherry casks from Jerez, Spain. A sweet, smooth whisky with flavours of rich dark chocolate and vanilla cream throughout.

Jura Whisky


Mid gold in colour, with a very thick and viscous swirl line and thick legs.


Honey, a touch of menthol, cocktail cherries, royal icing, apricots, linseed oil, orange zest and herbaceous. #JuraWhisky

Juniper/conifer, light pineapple, and pencil shavings. #JuraWhisky

Definitely becoming fruitier with time with red apples and cranberries, then cinnamon, and a pastries note. #JuraWhisky


Spicy, ginger root, cinnamon, cardamom, Jamaican ginger cake, the herbs are still here, earthy, black coffee, dates, cloves, some anise and lovely wood notes. #JuraWhisky


Quite long, warming, spicy, black pepper, espresso, cardamom, dates, pontefract cakes, fruit cake, mince pies #JuraWhisky

My thoughts

I have to say that i enjoyed this, and in my opinion it’s a good 10 yr old whisky, it certainly doesn’t lack flavour, it’s rather fruity in all honesty. Considering it is 40% ABV and really aimed at a younger/newer audience i do think it stands up well.

Jura Seven Wood 42% ABV

jura seven wood

The ability of Jura’s tiny island community to reimagine and reinvent has allowed our distillery to thrive. Such vision has brought to life this complex single malt – a fitting tribute to our Master Blender’s skill. Thanks to the forestry commission, sawmill and cooperage in France, we use the finest virgin French oak casks to enhance our whisky.

Layers of complexity and flavour emerge from a maturation journey that begins in American White Oak ex bourbon casks before a portion of the whisky is split between six different virgin oak casks sourced from across various regions of France.

Jura Whisky


Mid gold in colour, reasonable swirl line with medium thick legs. #JuraWhisky


I get a lovely icing sugar sweetness mixed with wood shavings, a slight perfume note, a little dustiness, wood wax/treatments, vanilla. #JuraWhisky

Caster sugar dusted pecan pastries, vanilla crowns, and a little floral too.


Lovely play of sweetness and wood. Cranberries with a touch of drying, leaf litter, icing sugar, cigar leaves, apricots, and a slightly oily mouthfeel. #JuraWhisky

More time brings dark chocolate, char, an earthiness, but again lots of sweetness too. Anise, black and red liquorice, flapjack. #JuraWhisky


Medium length, spicy sausage rolls, cinnamon, hazelnuts, blood oranges, very nice. #JuraWhisky

My thoughts

This is the second time iv’e tasted the Seven wood, and i find the sweetness and oak a wonderful mixture, it’s a lovely balance that i enjoyed as much second time around.

Jura Rum Cask Finish 40% ABV

jura rum cask finish

Jura Cask Editions celebrate the connection between the land and spirit. Bringing distinct regional flavours of selected casks from around the world to our island malt. This rum cask edition explores the world of cask finishes from the Caribbean.

This mouth-wateringly smooth, yet vibrant whisky delivers flavours of sweet vanilla, fudge, coconut and spiced tropical notes.

Jura Whisky


Mid gold with a bronze feel in colour, slim swirl line beads up immediately and drops medium thick legs.


Nice and fruity, red apples, cherries, cherry cheesecake, definitely pastries, then wood comes through with varnish, a bubblegum note, juniper. #JuraWhisky

This again is becoming sweeter, caster sugar, cocktail cherry juice from the jar, and lemonade. #JuraWhisky


Some lovely spiciness here, black pepper, ginger nut biscuits, cinnamon, raisins, digestive biscuits. A touch of salinity, cigar leaves again, chocolate. #JuraWhisky

Tropical fruits are coming through, more like seared pineapple, dried apricots, and nectarines. #JuraWhisky


Warmingly spicy, becoming spicier tbh. Black pepper, lots of ginger spice and cinnamon, black coffee, lots of the darker and spicier things a rum cask should impart. #JuraWhisky

My thoughts

He smiles as he describes this one 😊. I found this covered all the aspects of a rum cask finish that i expected. Sweet fruitiness initially right through to the more dark and heavier finish, there’s lots of flavour here, that i rather enjoyed to be honest.

Jura Red Wine Cask Finish 40% ABV

jura red wine cask finish

Jura Cask Editions celebrate the connection between the land and spirit. Uniting the distinctive regional flavours of selected red wine cases with our island malt, this unique red wine cask edition continues to explore the world of cask finishes in ever more innovative ways.

Jura Whisky


Mid gold in colour with an orange hue, swirl line beads up and drops medium thick teardrops and legs. #JuraWhisky


Noses higher than 40% ABV for me, plenty of aromatic wood, a savoury meat note, cooked bacon, again a sweetness comes through, a touch of menthol, pine needles, and apricot pastry this time. #JuraWhisky

Pomelo, blackcurrants, rose water, and i have to say strawberry lace sweets and raspberry ripple ice cream. #JuraWhisky


Again quite spicy, the nose didn’t indicate it at all. Lots of red berry fruits, a touch of drying, red apple skin, pomegranate, cranberries, cinnamon and ginger, white pepper, and anise. #JuraWhisky


Quite long, definitely lingering, spicy blood orange, dark chocolate orange, pomello pith, black pepper, espresso, Eccles cakes. #JuraWhisky

My thoughts

As with the others i was really looking forward to trying this new bottling, and again i enjoyed it. Quite flavourful, and very little drying for a Red wine cask finish.

Overall tasting thoughts

As a long term lover of Jura whisky i was so pleased to take part in this tasting, especially as i’d only tried the Seven wood previously, but had many of each of the older discontinued bottlings. The Jura signature is still there in the new bottlings, and it was great to try the new finishes, and even though i’m not the level of whisky drinker they are aimed at i still enjoyed them all. I would love to try some cask strength Jura whisky to see just what they have crafted.

Thanks to @JuraWhisky, and @TheWhiskyWire for the opportunity to be a part of this tasting, and the use of his banner image.

And now for something completely different

Continuing my whisk(e)y and music thing, songs iv’e listened to either during my tasting or review. I hope you enjoy this one.

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