Kavalan Distillery Select No.2 Single Malt Whisky 40% ABV


The second release of Kavalan’s Distillery Select range and intended to showcase the Taiwanese distillery’s skill in blending and cask selection.

Appearance: Honey gold. A thin swirl mark quickly beads up and slowly morphs into a series of teardrops. The semi-viscous film slowly corrugates into many medium trails.

Nose: A nice level of ABV, especially for 40%. Honey, sweet spices, black pepper and berries emerge first, closely followed by raspberry ripple ice cream and subtle varnished oak. After a while brown sugar, grapefruit and a faint tropical fruit note appear.

Palate: A little thin with a somewhat diluted sweet of flavours on the first sip. Honey, brown sugar, those tropical notes (now even more faint) and the oak.
The spice builds a little in the second sip but never amounts to much. Some cinnamon and a little blood-orange bitterness follow.
It starts to get a little drying as the dram is consumed.

Finish: Short to medium. The sugar, spice and oak all last a little while. The drying also liners annoyingly.

Overall: It’s more of a mixer than something to sip, savour and take time over. It’s fairly well-balanced and inoffensive but never really delivers anything notable.

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