Kavalan Select No 2 Taiwanese Single Malt Whisky 40% ABV

kavalan select no2

An exciting addition to Kavalan’s Distillery Select range, which is intended to showcase the Taiwanese distillery’s skill in blending and cask selection. Distillery Select No.2 focuses on a floral, herbal flavour profile and is a fantastic exploration of the characteristics which masterful distillation, aging, and blending can achieve.

Master of Malt


Lemon yellow/bright gold in colour, the swirl line is quite thick, and it gives the whole glass an even coating.


Initially I’m getting a dusty putty like oil kind of vibe. Eucalyptus comes through now, with tree bark, earthiness, and I’m thinking very faint sulphur, we shall see.

More time and I’m getting a mixture of bubble gum and pineapple. At 40% the nose comes across stronger, and I’m thinking I’m getting banana, but banana never comes across very strong with me, so I’m not 100% sure I’m correct, it’s a thought. 

kavalan distillery


The mouthfeel is thin here, but the palate brings a new flavour combo to me. Lemon curd  with a slightly metallic zing. A spiciness does come through, it’s not overly warming but it does contribute to the overall palate. Pineapple and stoned fruits are the bulk of the palate at this point.

Vanilla and spicy cinnamon eventually appear, and the spices do slowly build up, and I’d say it feels 43% ABV or just over.


The finish is shortish, but spices do linger longer, grapefruit pith, bitter lemon, there are some floral notes, and the faintest drying.

whisky pioneer

My thoughts

This is the 2nd Kavalan whisky iv’e tasted to date, and i found this to be quite a simple sipper of a whisky. The nose and palate are enjoyable enough, for a quick drinker, but it doesn’t really develop. I could see this being a good cocktail whisky too, but sadly i don’t really do whisky cocktails.

Overall i’m pleased iv’e got to try this whisky, it’s another step on my whisky trail, but it isn’t one i’d buy a bottle of. The main reason for this isn’t the whisky, the whisky is ok, but at around £65 i think it’s a little overpriced, especially compared to indie bottlings.

This was the Whisky Pioneer sample subscription service March 2023 whisky sample, their website can be found here.

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