Kilchoman 100% Islay Px Sherry Cask 58% ABV Aberdeen Whisky Shop Exclusive


Distilled in 2015 using local Publican barley, aged on the Island in a Pedro Ximenes Sherry Cask and bottled for The Aberdeen Whisky Shop by Kilchoman, this release is 100% ISLAY. 

Appearance: Toffee apple gold. Deep, rich, premium and so inviting!
Plenty of oily spots and trails when swirled, like rain on a window, but more viscous.

Nose: The nose matches the appearance, is rich, has plenty of depth and layers and smells luxurious.
Smoke initially, sweet BBQ smoke, slow-cooked BBQ meats, some ash, oak and dark fruit sweetness following.
The ABV is carried well too. It’s there, for sure, but not at all overpowering or even dominant in any way. It fully lets the aromas shone through.
As the dram matures there’s More of the wood notes, sweet cask char, cherries and orange peel, as well as emerging buttery notes: buttercream and custard.
Very faint barley, like pear drops in the background.

Palate: Oooh, what a delivery! the ABV is more evident on the palate but in a wonderful way! A delightfully sweet, smokey oaky Oily wave washes over the tongue, before warming the chest.
There are hints of orange, peach, cumin, a slight mintiness, some herbal notes and a touch of bitter lemon.
There’s a comforting Christmas feel to this so far too.

As the dram matures and the palate acclimatises, the butter notes start to come to the front. More pudding and custard or cream (or both!). It’s so wonderfully decadent on the palate.

Finish: Sweet, oak notes and the white pepper/mild chilli longer for a medium amount of time. They dissipate and reveal the BBQ smoke and meat notes. The bitter lemon is also persistent but works well.
The buttercream adds a nice balance.

Overall: Loved it. It has all the elements I really enjoy and look for. Sweet, smokey, buttery in both consistency and taste, meaty and packs a punch.

In a whisky world where prices are increasingly completely disconnected to quality, this is one whisky that truly is worth the near £100 price tag. It’s a cracker!

A huge ‘thank you’ to Nick (AyeWhisky) for adding this sample as a bonus to our recent blind tasting. Hugely generous and massively appreciated!

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