Kilchoman 9 Years Old – 2021 Loch Gorm Sherry Cask 46% ABV

Kilchoman Loch Gorm 2021

Kindly supplied by Lochs Of Whisky, this Loch Gorm is the name given to the annual release from Kilchoman which is matured entirely in sherry casks. This, the 2021 edition, is a vatting of 24 oloroso sherry butts filled in 2011 and 2012.

Appearance: Honey amber. A thin beaded swirl mark quickly forms with small teardrops and a few medium trails. After a while, the semi-viscous film starts to take on a corrugated look with many of those medium trails. It’s a lovely-looking whisky.

Nose: The ethanol reflects the ABV fairly accurately, it’s noticeable but quite mild. Sweet smoke and caramelised meats float up from the glass first. Richer aromas emerge next in the form of caramel, blackberry and a little raspberry. Seaspray balances the sweeter aromas with a touch of salinity. A faint tyre rubber and tarmac note lingers in the background.

Palate: A pleasant mouthfeel, not particularly oily but not thin. The ashy beach fire smoke and caramel notes are first to hit, followed closely by the salinity and a vegetal element. There’s a growing dryness at the back of the throat, quite cloying. Brown sugar adds a nice mellow sweet note and a (bear with me here) pond water flavour emerges, albeit mild. There’s some gentle white pepper as well as cinnamon, ginger and a touch of mild chilli. The cloying does increase to a level that’s bordering on off putting but thankfully stops just short.

Finish: Medium to long. The spice notes, smoke and salinity all linger for a decent length of time. That cloying slowly dies away. A little of the meat element from the nose also stays with it for a while.

Overall: It’s a very nice dram. The cloying is verging on a negative but the other aromas/flavours compensate. Good balance and pleasant elements make this a decent drop.

This whisky was kindly supplied by Lochs Of Whisky.

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