Kilchoman Cognac Matured (2023) 50% ABV

Kilchoman-Cognac-Matured-2023 copy

The first ever Kilchoman Cognac Cask Matured release as part of the 2023 Limited Editions. 32 casks were chosen by Anthony and Robin for their exceptional quality. The Kilchoman spirit was filled into those Cognac casks and left to age in their warehouses for a minimum of six years. The Cognac casks were sourced from Tonellerie Bossuet (France). When combining these 32 casks together, each individual cask plays an important part in the final vatting.

Appearance: Wheat gold. An oozy swirl mark with a few teardrops. Many medium trails form a corrugated film around the inside of the glass.

Nose: A subtle ethanol level. Immediate ashy BBQ smoke and meats, like when a bit of steak falls through the grill into the coals. Quite vegetal and damp woody. Some acidic citrus notes, honey and gentle tropical notes.

Palate: A buttery viscous mouthfeel accompanied by a pleasing honeyed wheat biscuit. The smoke continues from the nose, that meaty sweet smoke, but without the ash. A sweet honey, vanilla, gooseberry/liquorice and caramel note grows consistently as the dram matures, which is a welcome transition from the overriding smoke early on.

Finish: Medium to long. The caramel, sweet meaty smoke and subtle sweetness linger for a decent amount of time. A touch of black pepper hums in the background, barely noticeable.

Overall: I wasn’t that bothered when I started tasting this dram, but by the end, I was really enjoying it. I reckon a bottle would evolve very favourably indeed!

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