Kilchoman PX Sherry Cask Matured 2021 47.3% ABV


The Kilchoman PX Sherry cask matured 2021 Edition is a vatting of 33 casks, 9 fully matured in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks and 24 finished in PX casks for between 12 and 18 months. By combining the two methods of marrying the PX influence, they were able to balance the sweet, syrupy influence of the PX casks with classic peat smoke and the citrus character of the Kilchoman spirit. This is one of 12000 bottles.

Appearance: Dark amber/very Autumnal. A thick tide mark forms with many trails immediately ‘spidering’ down the glass.
The film is lovely and viscous and soon becomes corrugated with the numerous trails that have formed within it.
Some sticky teardrops now hang motionless from that swirl line.

Nose: A good heady hit of ethanol along with sweet ashy smoke, caramelised meat, dark berries and various spices.
Blackberry, raspberry, vanilla yoghurt and plum all leap from the glass, it’s a lovely deep and rich nose.
The spicy sweetness becomes more identifiable as my nose acclimates to the ethanol. There’s cinnamon, mild black peppercorns, nutmeg and ginger.
What’s lovely about the nose is that the berry element becomes sweeter and more syrup-like as the dram matures.

Palate: A pleasing semi-viscous mouthfeel and a decent spice-forward wave from the ABV. Oak, meaty BBQ ash, vanilla and honey appear on the heals of the spice. The berry element is emerging too now.
There’s a definite strawberry jam coming through now, it’s very welcome and a lovely addition. The faintest grapefruit bitter note lingers in the background.

Finish: Medium in length. That jam note, cinnamon, honey and oak all take a while to fade. The smoke element sits in the background. There’s a clove-studded orange element too.

Overall: It’s a very pleasant dram. I like the richness of the nose and the balance of the smoke note. The jam on the palate is very friendly and there’s plenty to explore. Very nice.

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