Kilchoman STR finish single cask 54,2% ABV

The following tasting notes were kindly uploaded by Irishdrams, one of the wonderful whiskey community over on Twitter.

Appearance: Amber

Whiskey age: Under 1 month

Nose: Intense nose with smoked barbecue sauce, warm hot chili, burnt rubber, damp wood, cooked raspberries, fresh lemon balm, mint, and other herbs.

Palate: Slightly oily mouthfeel. A hint of smoke with the feel of the surface of burnt barbecued meat with spices on top. Then there’s red winegum, some toffee, rosé wine, warm raspberries and a some wood.

Finish: Medium. Some intensity, warm spice, barbecue sauce and fresh herbs.

Overall:This is a lovely whisky with depth and interesting flavours. It’s now sold out but we bought a second bottle before that. The price was decent at about 70 GBP.

For more great tasting notes from @Irish drams, we highly recommend you visit her website!

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