Kilkerran 16yo (2022) 46% ABV

kilkerran 16yo 2022

Cask Maturation makeup – 70% Bourbon, 30% Sherry


Very light gold in colour, medium thick swirl line and several slow thick legs on my Tuath glass. #thewhiskeychaps


HOT MASHED POTATO!!! A little botanical, a little foresty. Then stoned fruits, and weetabix. Yes to the meatiness that @whiskeychap suggested, and I’m finding the nose quite light in all honesty. #thewhiskeychaps (at this point i poured the dram into a Glencairn).

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Mouthfeel is thin-ish initially, and we’re into spices, definitely some peat here, mixed nicely with fruits, bourbon cask spices, vanilla, cinnamon, bitter lemon, then figs, cloves, and dark chocolate orange coming through. #thewhiskeychaps

unsweetened mocha, banana and chocolate cake? dark shag tobacco leaves too. #thewhiskeychaps


Medium long, warming, dark fruit sweetness comes in and out, cola cubes, and black grapes. #thewhiskeychaps

glengyle distillery

My thoughts

Kilkerran, whisky from the Glengyle distillery in the Campbeltown region of Scotland, and a range of whiskies that iv’e so far really enjoyed. I was really looking forward to tasting this bottling and the 2022 “Highly Peated” with my whisky tasting partner @whiskeychap.

Writing up this review, and using my tasting notes from my tweets during the tasting, this whisky doesn’t sound bad at all. But it was lacking, very unexpectedly to be honest, and not something i come across too often. It’s Kilkerran!, Like all of the bottlings that come out of Campbeltown, they sell out quickly, and have an almost cult like following, but for me this bottling falls short. Knowing how good their whisky usually is, this was a real surprise, it still has nice flavours, but……..Sadly not one for me on that thought alone, though i’m sure others will enjoy it.

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