Kilkerran 2022 16yo 46% ABV


First introduced in the autumn 2020, the 16yo is the oldest expression to date. Kilkerran 16yo 2022 46% was matured in 70% Ex-Bourbon & 30% Ex-Sherry. 7000 bottles were released by the Glengyle distillery in 2022. Double distilled, NCF & no added colour.

Appearance: Light honey gold/apple juice. A thinly beaded swirl mark with a few thin to medium trails seeping back to the surface. A very thin film clings to the glass for a short time #thewhiskeychaps

Nose: A fairly gentle nose, representative of the ABV fairly accurately. Banana and toffee forward, a gentle smokey wisp, pine needles and damp vegetation. Tobacco leaves and general well-smoked-in furniture (that old dusty smoke mixed with polish and upholstery). A slight citrus sharpness touches the nose too. Banana and coffee bread make a late arrival now, this is a nice note.

Palate: Not particularly viscous, but not thin either, like a cordial drink with too much cordial in. Dark bitter chocolate, butter cookies, that subtle smoke and some drying bitterness. I get that wheaty cereal note on the palate, like the Heavily Peated. It’s got an almost cakey taste, like Black Forest Gateau.

Finish: Medium to long. Buttery sweetness, vegetation and coffee banana bread. The smoke underpins the other flavours.

Overall: Another expression that is just ‘ok’. There are some nice elements and some not-so-nice elements. I won’t be rushing to purchase.

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