Kilkerran 8 YO CS Port Cask 57.9%

kilkerran port cask

Proving particularly popular dram at Glasgow Whisky Festival. Released in March this year & fully aged in Port casks for 8 years.

Appearance: Another very orangey appearance. Tizer hue! This one appears more viscous than the sherry cask. Beaded tide mark and thick legs.

Nose: Smoked chocolate (if it’s not a thing already, it should be!), plum and other dark fruits pie. More depth and complexity than the sherry cask. Blackberry jam erupts after a short time, together with pastry. I also get a very slight metallic tinge on the nose, nothing offputting, just ‘there’.

Palate: Lovely mouthfeel, buttery and silky. Some mild chilli, lemon, smoked meat, those dark stewed jammy fruits, a touch of mint and some more earthy notes.

Finish: Quite drying/numbing towards the finish. The chocolate notes show up as the other flavours fade. Medium length finish.

Overall: I really like the aromas and flavours of this expression but the dryness takes the shine off of it. I’d say it’s well worth the RRP but, like the sherry cask, definitely not worth the ludicrous flipper prices being charged.

Image credit: Catawiki

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