Kilkerran 8 YO CS Sherry Cask 57.9%

kilkerran sherry cask

Proving a particularly popular dram at Glasgow Whisky Festival. Released in March and matured for the full 8 years in sherry casks.

Appearance: Tizer orange/strong milkless tea. Inviting oily film coats the inside of the glass when swirled with a thick swirl mark and quick-forming medium legs.

Nose: Not what I expected at all. Much tamer on the nose than the standard 8yo CS. Baking spices, barrel char, some confectionary sugar and subtle smoke. I’m confused by this one! Distant BBQ smoke and those sweet BBQ meats do come through after a while. Very ashy.

Palate: Initial spice and quite a buttery mouthfeel (not luxurious but quite oily). Some subtle smoke, matches (both sulphur and wood), Werther’s too
I actually prefer the palate to the nose on this, which is unusual (for me) #thewhiskeychaps

Finish: Medium in length. Sweeter finish than the palate as the fruit takes a while to emerge. The matches stay the longest as well as a slightly fizzy acrid note.

Overall: It’s OK, nothing that blows my socks off.

Image credit: whiskyinternationalonline

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