Kilkerran Heavily Peated batch #5 (2022) 57.7% ABV.

kilkerran heavily peated 2022

Heavily Peated and aged in 85% bourbon casks and 15% sherry casks, this dram is bottled at 57.7% abv. Limited Edition


Very light gold, thick swirl line and several very slow thick legs. #thewhiskeychaps


Yeah that’s stronger on the nose, oooft, and I’m getting the hot mashed potato here too, a very nice start. Much more peat, leaning towards medicinal for me, sticky fabric plasters and Germoline, also a little foresty, jerk sauce and bacon. #thewhiskeychaps

Definitely vegetal, nettles along the edge of an alleyway, evergreen woods and the germoline mix quite nicely. #thewhiskeychaps

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Mouthfeel is nice, a a little oily, and the plate is much like the nose. The extra ABV is welcome, and I get a touch of bubble gum, cranberries, orange rind, black pepper, cardamom, quite hot cinnamon too. #thewhiskeychaps

Mouth and chest warming, spices continue on, espresso coffee, pontefract cakes, chocolate raisins, dates, cumin, almost rum and raisin too. #thewhiskeychaps


Quite long for me, and quite nice. HP brown sauce, bacon that’s fallen into an open fire, and hot ashes. #thewhiskeychaps

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My thoughts

We tasted the 2022 16 year old from Kilkerran on the same tasting that we tasted this bottle, and the 16 yo didn’t do it for me. Now this one very much did. The higher ABV brought much more to the table in my opinion. It had everything i expected and is another great batch. This bottle for me has a nice and wide flavour profile, it has plenty going on, and it’s one i’d definitely have in my whisky cupboard.

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