Kilkerran Heavily Peated Batch 5 57.7% ABV


Aged in 85% bourbon casks and 15% sherry casks, the fifth batch of Kilkerran Heavily Peated was bottled at 57.7%.

Appearance: White wine. A thin swirl mark quickly breaks into a beaded ring around the glass. In my glass at least, no real legs as such, more a number of long teardrops creating a semi-viscous corrugated film #thewhiskeychaps

Nose: It definitely noses like a high ABV, with plenty of ethanol on the first few sniffs! There’s an obvious campfire/BBQ smoke hybrid, a little ashy but also sweet. Then there is a citrus element too.
A little meaty, well-done steak with a caramelised crust, chilly BBQ sauce and maybe even some berry sweetness undertones?
There’s a wheaty influence too, like cereal or wheat crackers.
As the glass matures and my nose acclimatises to that ABV, a few more delicate scents appear: New make berry and black pepper butter.
It’s a well-balanced nose that evolves nicely as the glass ages. Not just peat, but a raft of aromas to explore.

Palate: A nice viscous mouthfeel, not luxuriously buttery, but certainly some oiliness. Spiced butter notes and that sweet ashy smoke hit the palate first. The ABV on the palate is more subtle than the nose. It’s still very much evident, just a tad more subdued. Vegetal notes, shoe polish and furniture polishing wax arrive next.
I’m not a massive fan of the palate to be honest, at least after the first few sips. There’s a harsh aerosol vibe going on, like I’ve accidentally sprayed Pledge in my mouth.
Subtle notes of traditional lemonade creep onto the palate towards the finish. Maybe Sherbert Dib Dab

Finish: Medium in length. Black pepper tingle, spiced butter and a slightly sweet smoke linger a while. The less pleasant notes hang a bout too long too, albeit in the background.

Overall: Meh. Not for me, I’m afraid. Didn’t get on with those harsher bitter notes.

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