Kinahans The Kask Project, B.001, 43% ABV.


Irish whiskey is made in wooden casks, which develop most of its complex flavours. The Kasc Project is an escape into the new and previously unknown ways of whiskey making, using hybrid casks. Each cask is individually constructed from a mix of 5 different types of trees, each selected to create a blend of rich new flavours. Inspired by the original whiskey making culture that rejected tradition and the norm, The Kasc Project pushes whiskey making methods to the next level. Daring and unconventional – it’s a riot of wood.

Kinahans Whiskey


This whiskey is a mix of gold and Amber in colour, it’s very viscous on the swirl line and has very slow medium legs.


That’s an impressive nose, very deep. I’m getting a foresty note, tea, lemonade, sultanas, putty, coffee, I’ve got to smell this more guys, it needs to open up a bit more. On nosing again there’s a sweet almost candy floss mixed with furniture Polish aroma, Ginger nut biscuits, a soft red berries.


Straight off it has a lovely mouthfeel, there slots of fruit here, fruit cocktail syrup, sweet cocktail cherries, sweet lemon, and guava. Leading into warming spices, dates, figs, light clove, then onto more dark chocolate. There’s more yet, dark chocolate Orange, black coffee, star anise, spicy ginger. On tasting again I’m finding liquorice Allsorts, cereals something like Weetabix, more red berries like the nose on nosing again, I’d say it’s more juicy on the palate now.


The finish is long side of medium, warming and spicy, like the palate, tropical fruits and ginger, cinnamon, lemons, a touch of liquorice and coffee, that playoff again, very nice all round guys, your hard work has certainly paid off.

My thoughts

Personally the idea of creating hybrid casks from staves of other casks is really exciting. The amount of experimenting alone that must be done would be no small undertaking of itself. Sometimes great innovative ideas come around in Whisk(e)y production, and this one has certainly caught my attention.

The range of woods used for this B.001 creation are Portuguese, American, French and Hungarian oak, as well as chestnut, and they each leave aromas and flavours that in this case have married to create a beautifully deep blended whiskey, in my opinion, it’s rather impressive.

Would i buy a bottle?

All of this innovation and hard work combine to create a whiskey that is around £35 a bottle, £35! That’s great value for money, especially in the current whisk(e)y market, and there is no doubt that i would buy a bottle, it’s a steal to be honest.

Thanks too – Zak and Quinzil for being part of the tasting.

kinahans hybrid casks

Images courtesy of Kinahans Irish Whiskey.

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